PIECE HOSTEL SANJO EAST is located on the downtown of kyoto. Before the project was started, this site was parking lot. Furthermore, there was underground structure of the hotel left behind until now. We come up with the idea from this situation in the site. We propose that getting rid of underground construction and obtaining underground space as many as possible by using the original structure left behind. It can get over the difficulty to construct in the downtown. In order to unify the underground and above ground space, steel frame columns were built from the underground level, and the volume was lifted to the limit of the 15m height as high as possible. In addition to, it was designed with indoor stair and slope to approach lobby and outside stair and garden. It is possible to see the space from the main road and make the flow of human for an extended and comfortable stay in this open space. In order to minimize the floating volume, we arranged the middle corridor type and filled up the rooms with the maximum efficiency. We set up a roof terrace on top of the volume, and emphasized the sky and green by surrounding it with a wall, to create a special space. Furthermore, This floating black volume inconspicuous in the night. This project is considered the surroundings. Curtain wall with the minimal expression, underground space to let people evoke curiosity, the green wall that is considered environment in the underground space, and open space filled light. Therefore, we propose the architecture that spaces make the façade.