It is a proposal for a nursery school in the mountain of Sakawa cho, Kochi Prefecture. While making full use of the rich natural environment of the surroundings, we aimed to become a place where the entire region become safe for children and a place to foster watching over the environments.
By placing the building along the terrain, we created three different gardens in the premises: "local garden", "big garden" and "small garden". "Regional garden" becomes a space acceptable to the area, and it can be utilized for various events. By involving the local adults and children, the play is passed down and the ability to play is nurtured. Various places that make use of the topography in the "big garden" will be a place to encourage children to explore and to "discover" the play. "Small garden" is an environment where infants can play with confidence.
In the centre of the nursery school, by arranging a playroom with management function, we made zoning which considers child safety and made it a variable space to accommodate various occasions.
By planning the area to be involved in the nursery school, we create a cycle to watch and nurture children around the whole area, mainly in nursery schools. By doing so, we suggested that nursery schools become not only for children but also for the central facility of the area.