The main concept is “ZEH + water”.
The proposal for "energy" is based on the space composition of nested structure which is effective also in terms of thermal environment, energy conservation such as the insulation method which Ritsumeikan University has studied so far, heat insulating fittings, transpiration louvers using Shigaraki-yaki tile with technology and solar power generation, fuel cells, storage batteries, solar heat collection equipment, heat and electricity circulation which is then created ZEH.
We introduced a technology that can thoroughly reuse water, as "+ water". We will reconsider the way water is used in the residence. "The use of vertical cascade of water" from the ground up, and the usage of water which we will do thorough reduction of quantity.
The proposal for "Life" proposes planning a nested plan which can respond to changes in generations, family composition, lifestyle, change of planning in various ways, and succeeded in living in one house.