There is a "Circle of 3 m" in the concept of distance related to communication. If it gathers in the range of 3 m in diameter, a conversation is reasonably born and the idea that communication with unity can be taken. Houses are designed and supplied in various ways, but there are no houses designed based on the sense of communication distance.
We propose a house containing the extension of a wheel of the inward "Circle of 3m" to slightly outward "4. 5m wheel". As a result, individuals can flexibly adjust their relationships with their families and communities with a "sense of distance" while feeling the signs and unity of the entire house.
A space corresponding to the new distance sense of "Ring of 4.5m" is referred to as "everyone's Room", it is located in the centre of the house. It is designed so that a part of each of the various chambers are taken and draw a " Ring of 4.5m " from the centre of the "Everyone's room". This sense of distance will connect everyone's room with the rooms around you and a new way of usage will be born. "Everyone's room" connected with the living room became a wider living room which connected with the kitchen and the big entrance. It can then become a party room for the neighbourhood.
Partition of rooms is separated by a sense of distance instead of walls. It is the buffer zone of the " Ring of 4.5m " and reserved an independently private room while feeling the signs of the family. The cqfour laps of everyone's room is a movable partition and the connection with each room is controlled. Privacy of the private rooms can be secured by closing the door.
Residents can choose their way of connecting with their families and communities from time to time, changing the residence intention and satisfy various lifestyles.