It is a meeting place for people who were forced to live in a hypothetical dwelling in Shiomo Miyako. It was self-built by 30 students with damaged carpenters and shockwaves. As a place of exchange that anyone can use, we named it 'ODENSE' in Iwate's words "Welcome".
The building is a dome ( 10.0 m in diameter, 6.5 min rise ) with a truncated icosahedron (soccer ball) in half, consisting of a hexagonal structural panel and a pentagonal opening. It has the easiness of construction, low cost as the main proposal and the structural panel assembled in a wind turbine type to shorten the ribs because it uses inexpensive 8- foot material available. We examined the strength at points not at right angles and used a door hinge with a free angle. The opening is not a glass but a lightweight and inexpensive film.