Mycom 内観 
It is a research facility of a venture company based on a system that controls the rotation of a motor at a nano level. Realizing a research environment in which researchers can easily communicate with each other which would contribute to energy saving, long life, and resource saving of buildings. Pursuing a building style that advocates the idea of companies which pursues the productivity of R & D.
A simple courtyard with a courtyard at the center of the building, a laboratory surrounded by a facility balcony on the outside of the building, a flow line with no end in the interior, and a line of sight through the courtyard in order to improve efficiency and facilitate the maintenance and updating of the exterior and equipment with the balcony of the outer circumference.
The inside partition walls and exteriors were all ALC and we made a thorough modularization with a limited material type, such as structural span @ 8,400, room unit @ 4,200, interior and exterior ALC, deck plate @ 600, louvre @ 300.
Hot-dip galvanized perforated folding plate wrapped around the balcony of the outer circumference. A windshield chamber where a 16 mm iron plate is self-supporting, expressing a future-oriented appearance suitable for laboratories of venture companies.