Make new image of Kyoto Seika University by exhibition and communication activities. Kyoto Seika University is located in a valley surrounded by the mountains of Iwakura, As the university buildings look like sticking to the mountains stream. Kyoto Seika University Meiso-kan stand for "2024 SEIKA" a new three university vision which start at 2024 (1) expressive universities, (2) liberal arts universities (3) global universities. It is located mortar-shaped square at Tengaike. We created a "new face for the whole campus" by students' activities and information interchange place which remained sloping roof. First, we decided building ground level with the height difference of 3.5m between north side and south side, and planed second floor as main floor with a high ceiling. The high ceiling made 1F feel like basement, 3F showed mountain slope, 4F experienced the sloping roof. Internal and external circulations connected whole floor program and different experiences. "exhibition with communication" the Kyoto Seika university's original phrase was proved the exhibition and communication place as whole university at the 2022 graduation exhibition. The main programs are the main hall has 522 seats for seminars and events, Terra-S which is a large gallery linked with the main hall and IC3 (Ice Cube) can be used in workshops and lectures linked to galleries. We expect it will become the central facility of Kyoto Seika University, where students can learn new values while experiencing different cultures and feeling natural of the campus.