It is a suggestion of the exchange centre in Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture. We aimed to connect "people" "town" "environment" through creating an "exchange cooperative" exchange centre.
By setting up a coordinator and doing a workshop, we proposed a design process that reflects the potential opinions from the city and town planning council smoothly. By incorporating workshops at design time, I thought that the connections of people nurtured among them helped to operate the exchange centre and town planning.
In order to create an activity base centred on the axis to the pond, we decided to set up a symbol road to penetrate from the building to the Tianyu pond, and think that it would be a residents' interchange space like the fellowship who wanted to come to think without thinking. In addition, we planned to respond to various events with variable partition.
The structure was made of wood and by using the prefecture-produced flowing material we propose a structure of a combination of small diameter materials and consideration was given to economic efficiency and local production of local consumption. We aimed at a building that gently controls the environment by eaves and louvres made by trees.